The Henley Society

Registered Charity No. 234205

The Society welcomes new members, particularly at this time when a number of issues related to traffic congestion, parking, the vibrancy of the town centre and commercial development are being debated. Clearly, representations made on behalf of The Society are more persuasive the greater our numerical strength.

Total Membership is now at 615 (as at 05/09/2022) - a record for the Society.



Single £5
Joint** £8
Corporate £50

Life Membership

Single £50
Joint** £80

(Joint** means two people living at the same address) 

To join The Henley Society please download the Application Form and send it with a cheque payable to THE HENLEY SOCIETY to:

The Henley Society
1 Lime Court
Henley on Thames

If you can also fill in the Gift Aid portion we would be most appreciative, as it increases the value of your subscription to The Society.

If you would prefer to pay by Bankers Order, please also download and send the Form along with your Application.


Application Form & Gift Aid Form