The Henley Society

Registered Charity No. 234205

Welcome to the Henley Society.

We were established in 1961 when a major planning application was approved by the Henley Borough Council which would have involved the demolition of the historic Catherine Wheel Hotel in Hart Street and its replacement with a row of 1960’s style shops.

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We are now an energetic Civic Society focused on protecting and, where possible, enhancing the quality of life for Henley Residents.  We try to take a longer view for the Town. Our watchwords are to maintain the very best of the town for posterity, improve the rest, and to ensure the highest and most sensitive standards are applied to future developments.

We are only as strong as our Membership base. Why not join us and add your voice to ours. You can find a downloadable Membership Application form on our Membership page.

We look forward to hearing from you - and you can follow us on our Facebook page - @henleysociety 



  • The conservation and enhancement of the town, its waterfront and its setting.
  • The preservation of the town's historical centre, its fine approaches and its trees
  • That an appropriate balance between housing, a vibrant town centre, the provision of employment, and leisure is struck and
  • The relief of traffic congestion with improved transport links, better car parking facilities and improvements to bus and train services

The Society is non-political and is not simply a preservation society.


We aim to work with the three levels of local government that have responsibilities for Henley as well as other elected representatives and influential bodies on a range of issues from the recent proliferation of A Boards in the Town to tackling the traffic and congestion in Henley. 

The Society regularly provides an input to the revisions of the Local Plan that are carried out, at intervals of a few years, by the District Council.

At a more detailed level, we examine all planning applications for development within the town boundaries and submit written comments to the Town and District Councils.

Particular attention is given to listed buildings and to buildings within the Conservation Area. The Conservation Area represents a much higher proportion of Henley than is the case with most towns.

In addition, we encourage high standards of design and construction for all new buildings, as well as those being restored, in the town.

The Society is fortunate in having, amongst its members, several individuals whose professional skills are a major asset in the context of judging the merits of planning proposals.



From time to time The Society also organises:

  • Monthly Executive Committee Briefing to Members
  • Lectures
  • Visits to places of interest



The Henley Society also has links with:

  The River Thames Society                                                        

The Henley Archaeological & Historical Group                      



Please see on our Events page the Henley Society future talks, dinners, lunches and visits