Solar Bin

Solar Compactor Bin Trial

Spurred on by the untidy streets of Henley being littered with food packaging, cigarette ends and other illegally disposed items, the Society proposed to Henley Town Council that they should finance a trial of two solar compactor bins,  larger in size than the existing bins and capable of holding far more rubbish than the existing bins due to the fact that they were capable of compacting the contents by solar power. In addition the bins are capable of informing base that they are in need of emptying so saving unnecessary trips for the contractors and saving on fuel costs, labour and reducing pollution in our streets. At the time it was made our proposal did not meet with the approval of all Councillors and it took some two years to get the project off the ground.

The trial eventually began in April 2023 and is on going until the end of September, when a review of the success, or otherwise, of the bins will be undertaken to see if the project should be extended.