Premier Inn proposed building

Premier Inn Hotel Proposal

The Society has, since its inception, been involved in matters of planning in Henley, and the proposal by Premier Inn (a part of Whitbreads) to construct a 115 bedroomed, five story hotel on the site of the Station Car Park is probably one of the most significant of recent times.

Following the publication of the first application the Society were immediately in touch with Premier Inn’s agents expressing it’s Members concerns , as indeed were Henley Town Council. A poll of our members showed around 70% of respondents were against the proposal as made. Our comments and those of HTC fell on deaf ears and Premier went ahead with their original application. Henley residents reacted in great numbers with the vast majority being against the proposal according to their comments in the local press, and on the all-important SODC Planning portal.

The application was refused by SODC and Premier, after a delay, went to appeal. The Appeal Inspector supported SODC, refused the appeal, and Premier’s next move is awaited.